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Product With A Story

“Product With A Story is an online platform that aims to upgrade/establish the micro-enterprises for street vendors/laborers from the marginalized community,IDPs,refugees who are using their skills to make a living.”

Product With Story is a platform that aims to upgrade as well as establish the micro-enterprises in the communities, market them and also explore their stories. There are a lot of people thriving to make their ends meet through the use of their skills. However, the lack of reach to market and resources are preventing them from achieving financial sustainability. Product With Story will provide such people with resources and exposure to market their goods.The unique selling point of Product With Story is that we attach every product with a story.

“A story about the person who handmade that product which will portray their hardships, their struggle and their quest to find their lost hope and dignity through the products they are making.”

This will not only be leveraged as a marketing strategy but will also connect the people to the society and get them recognized. Product With Story is not only about pre-existing enterprises. We will also train and empower other people in the marginalized community to join the production crew and make them self-dependent. Product With Story is a sustainable movement. After successful implementation at a particular community, we expand to a new camp to replicate the same.

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